Compagnie KÄFIG


Productions on tour 2020-2021

A brochure addressed to international programmers

Seven shows are available on tour for the 2020-2021 season : from six emblematic dancers from the Käfig company with Cartes Blanches to eighteen performers on stage with Folia (dancers and live musicians), evolving in a digital setting for Pixel or facing monumental towers in Vertikal , from the Asian mystique of a Yo Gee Ti , or the Moroccan energy of a Danser Casa , to the Brazilian virtuosity of a Boxe Boxe Brasil or Correria Agwa , each piece has a different format and is a journey into a unique universe, while always opening up the hip-hop aesthetic to new horizons as a key feature.

CONTACT : PHILIPPE KERMARREC - Producer and tour booker
+ 33 (0)1 56 71 13 21 / production at