Compagnie KÄFIG

Outreach activities

On tour

Yearly, the company leads about 140 outreach projects for 2300 participants.

The artistic work is constantly enriched by trips back and forth between the public sphere and the stage, and its output flourishes through contact with local populations. Developing discussions and sharing sessions also provide opportunities to open up the world of choreography with and to these people. The company’s artistic stamp becomes an instrument of freedom, sharing and imagination for all. It puts the promotion of choreographic art at the heart of its operations and encourages the creation of artistic and cultural activities to accompany its productions on tour.

What kind of outreach activities we do :

  • Public rehearsals
  • Pre-show and post-show talks
  • “Dance marathon” events
  • Lectures with demonstrations
  • Sessions of hip-hop dance practice
  • Master-classes
  • Show-related practical sessions
  • Documentary screenings

CONTACT : IRIS SAYMARD - Tour coordinator
+ 33 (0)1 71 33 03 33 / logistique at

Educational teaching packs specific to each show are available upon request.