Compagnie KÄFIG

Danser Casa

2018 production

Hip hop dance reveals the soul of Casablanca.

Danser Casa is an evocation of Casablanca, where Kader Attou and Mourad Merzouki reconnected in creation after more than 20 years going separate ways. Together they rose to the challenge of a joint creation designed to showcase the talent of young Moroccan dancers. The show conveys their vital energy, it depicts the violence of their condition but also the breath of their desire. The brute force that lifts them up, the sudden animality that invades them, the risks they take in their acrobatics – all of this helps to create a tense climate of imminent danger from which suspended instants of pure beauty emerge.


"Danser Casa is immediately contagious and it feels good." Télérama

"A breathtaking energy, a dazzling virtuosity and a fascinating choreography." La Terrasse

A word from the choreographers

"This project is an integral part of what drives us, so accepting the proposal was quite simple. We want to pass along our experience in the hope that these dancers will continue to grow. Personally, this project speaks to my innermost self because many aspects are related to my own story and to what these dancers are and represent."
Mourad Merzouki

"These projects give us a better understanding of why we’re in dance and how dance is like an opening and a liberation. And, in our own journeys, there have been people, mentors, who believed in us and helped us get to where we are today. Now, we also belong here, and it is our turn to be the mentors."
Kader Attou


Artistic direction and choreography Kader Attou and Mourad Merzouki
Assisted by Virgile Dagneaux and Christophe Gellon
Music Régis Baillet-Diaphane (and additional music)
Lighting design Madjid Hakimi
Costume design Emilie Carpentier and Alexandra Langlois

Artists Ayoub Abekkane, Mosab Belhajali, Yassine El Moussaoui, Oussama El Yousfi, Aymen Fikri, Stella Keys, Hatim Laamarti, Ahmed Samoud


Coproduction Etat d’esprit productions, Fondation Touria et Abdelaziz Tazi, l’Uzine, Casa events et animations, Festival Montpellier Danse 2018, Centre chorégraphique national de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne / Cie Käfig - direction Mourad Merzouki, Centre chorégraphique national de La Rochelle / Cie Accrorap - direction Kader Attou, Théâtre du Vellein - CAPI Villefontaine, Théâtre de Chartres, l’Aparté

With the support of Institut Français du Maroc, Studio des arts vivants-Casablanca and Fondation PGD