Compagnie KÄFIG


2021 production

Dance against the wind : Mourad Merzouki sails towards a new choreographic adventure in the direction of the « Everest of the seas » - the sailing race Vendée Globe.

To those who risk their lives at sea in search of freedom, against all the winds and tides.

After Vertikal, which propelled hip-hop into the air, the choreographer continues to exalt this dance in a play with natural forces : from weightlessness to the breath of the wind, from vertical to horizontal, he performs a 90-degree rotation and imagines a new poetics of space in which a gentle wind of lightness blows, the Zéphyr.

« ’The most beautiful trip is the one we haven’t done yet’ said a famous sailor.
It is because there is always an archipelago of possibilities to explore, an unknown elsewhere to marvel at, that I pursue this quest which pushes me to sail from territories to territories.

Here, this territory is that of the Vendée, the starting point of mythical expeditions, and more widely turned towards an ocean of fantasies around the taming of winds and tides.

Artists or explorers, we are looking for spaces of freedom with our dreams and determination as baggage. The desire to embark on a singular adventure and to share an extraordinary experience with as many people as possible. Artists or funambulists of the seas, this ambition brings us closer together.

I have chosen as a course for this new creation the human challenge in the face of the forces of nature, which is the very essence of life at sea : a hand-to-hand combat with the wind.

Giving shape to what by definition has none.
Sculpting through the wind where the ineffable cannot be told.
Transforming the impalpable into concrete matter through dance.
Making air become a substance that can be tamed.
Bringing a natural element to the stage and giving it life.

Movement in its pure state, the wind exists only in motion.
A new approach to the set for high level dancers. »

Mourad Merzouki


Artistic direction and choreography Mourad Merzouki
Assisted by Marjorie Hannoteaux
Music design Armand Amar
Lighting design Yoann Tivoli, assisted by Nicolas Faucheux
Stage design Benjamin Lebreton
Costume design Émilie Carpentier

With (alternating) Soirmi Amada, Ethan Cazaux, Ludovic Collura / Wissam Seddiki, Ana Teresa de Jesus Carvalho Pereira / Emma Guillet, Nicolas Grosclaude / Adrien Lichenewsky, Simona Machovičová / Vanessa Petit, Camilla Melani, Mourad Messaoud, Tibault Miglietti, James Onyechege

Additional music credits Long Distance Productions - Vocals : Isabel Sörling - Violin : Sarah Nemtanu - Viola : Lise Berthaud - Cello : Grégoire Korniluk - Piano : Julien Carton - Recording, mixing, sound design : Vincent Joinville at Studios Babel in Montreuil-sous-Bois - Production : Katrin Oebel


Production Centre chorégraphique national de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne / Cie Käfig
Coproduction Département de la Vendée, Maison des Arts de Créteil

Duration : 1h10
From age 7 and +